Light in the Darkness

Just as we think that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it turns out to be an oncoming train! Additional restrictions are back in place. No more than 6 people inside or outside for social gatherings. I don’t know about you, but I was just beginning to make plans. Plans for a holiday; plans for coffee mornings; plans for birthday celebrations; even planning for Christmas! Now what??!

There is no precedent for what is happening in our society right now, and, as we approach darker nights, colder weather and the flu season, there doesn’t seem very much to look forward to.

I am in a fortunate position in that my faith is the rock on which I can build my hope for the future. When I am feeling unsure, hopeless or alone, I can turn to my God in prayer. So, I would like to think of things that will change my feelings of negativity and hopelessness to positivity and thankfulness. Every day, I am going to find just one thing that makes me be thankful and smile. I plan to share that on my personal Facebook page, along with a bible verse, and I would love it if any of you out there would respond to my posts and share what has made you smile.

There may be days in which it is very hard to see the lighter side. If you don’t want to share on social media, then how about writing it down on a small piece of paper, date it and pop it in a jar? Store them up and then, on those days when you just can’t see the funny side, open it up and spend a little time reading them. Or, you can just try praying…..

Psalm 18:28 “You Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”

Which way now?

Just over 1 year ago, and after over 30 years of being desk bound in offices, I launched Monumental Cakes. I had no idea we were about to be thrown into a global pandemic or I may have thought twice! However, I was able to adapt and keep working throughout this difficult period and I am really grateful to the many new customers for whom I have been able to provide a little cake relief. Things are still very up and down, and I am constantly trying to supress that little voice in my head that keeps telling me I’m not good enough!

Being a self-employed sole trader is hard. No sick or holiday pay, trying to balance outgoings with incomings, marketing the business and myself in order to find new customers, and trying not to panic if there are empty spaces in the calendar.

I am a Christian, and as such, I have a faith that God has a plan for me. However, I also believe that God doesn’t expect me to sit back and wait for him to make things happen. Trying to discern what path to take in order to achieve His plan for my future is difficult. You don’t always have a clear voice in your head. I certainly didn’t wake up one day and clearly hear a booming voice saying “Tracy – stop working – you need to set up your own business making cakes!” It doesn’t quite work like that, although I know many people who say they have experienced that sort of intervention! My method is to look at the paths in front of me and weigh up the options. If I go this way, will it do harm? If the immediate answer is no, then why not give it a go? If it is the wrong path, then it will soon become clear. That’s pretty much the way my conversation went with Mr. Monumental just over 12 months ago, and here we still are. Like many people right now, I have no idea what the future holds. I am going to take it one day at a time and trust that I am following the right path and if God has something else in mind, then those opportunities will appear.

One of my favourite bible verses is from Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This is only a very small part of the story. These words were written at a time of many years of testing and trial, pain and sorrow, darkness and uncertainty. We are living today in similar times, and I encourage you to look up and read these verses in order to seek assurance, comfort, strength, and the will to walk the path that God will lead us to.

If you have never prayed, then I encourage you to give it a go. provides a simple prayer guide for people who are not religious and don’t do church. It will help you get to know God and pray about things that are important to you. Or click to visit Pembury Baptist Church facebook page. There you will find videos of some of our members reading their favourite bible verses and explaining why they are important to them.

How do you cope with change?

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Iulia Istrate from Skills for Mars – Transitions. A YouTube video platform in which Iulia has one-to-one chats with people from various different environments but with the one thing in common is that they have experienced great change in their personal and/or business life. In these videos Iulia invites us to share our experiences with the viewer and (hopefully!) add insights to help anyone who might be going through a period of transition.

It was really fun and sort of cathartic going through some of my history and how I have coped with the many changes in my business career which eventually led me to take the plunge to start up Monumental Cakes as a business.

Why Monumental Cakes? I spent most of my teenage years thoroughly embarrassed by admitting my surname to people, it led to much name calling and hilarity amongst my peers, but now I am loud and proud to have Monument as my maiden name so it only made sense to use Monumental Cakes as the name for my business!

Click on the picture above or the link below to watch my interview on YouTube – subscribe to the channel (it’s free) to get notifications when new videos appear.

Step away from the scales!

When the lockdown started, I took up the Couch to £5K challenge and have just started week 5 (I admit, I repeated week 4) but I am actually loving it. My knees, however, do have a little moan now and again, but I just ignore them. I was so enthused with this new regime, that I also started planning our meals and religiously recording everything I eat, so that we all eat more healthily and I keep track of where all those calories came from. Every other evening, Mr. Monumental and I have been going for very long walks exploring the local woods and footpaths and taking advantage of this lovely weather. I am feeling very pleased with myself – that is, until I step on the scales. Oh dear, I’ve so far managed to lose a grand total of 1lb in 6 weeks. Yes, reader, one whole pound!

Now I am sure that there are many of you out there, either in the health profession or just enthusiasts or will give me chapter and verse on what I should or should not be doing and where I am going wrong. I thank you for your concern, but just let me stop you there. I’ve decided that I don’t care! That’s right, I DON’T CARE, I am doing what I can to keep myself fit and healthy by endeavouring to eat balanced meals and exercising regularly. Yes, I could do with losing a few pounds as well, but hey, you can’t have it all! Experts will no doubt tell me that if I persevere the weight will start to drop off, so be it.

In the meantime, I will continue my regime and also continue to enjoy life with a little slice of cake along the way. If God gives you lemons, make a lemon drizzle cake I say!

Reach Out to Someone

So, how are we all doing? Silly question, I know! Some people manage better than others under times of stress and anxiety.

We are fortunate in that we have a reasonably sized garden in which to escape to when all four walls feel like they’re closing in and I have certainly tried to make good use of it during this lovely sunshine. My husband has continued to work (from home), so I don’t see much of him during the day, but I do have his company in the evening. I should be using my time productively during the day to do things like, marketing, updating the website, sorting out cupboards, practising new skills, etc. In reality, it’s been more like playing computer games and watching box-sets with the occasional bit of baking thrown in!

I volunteer at our local church once a week, which is acting as a community hub to coordinate aid to those who are vulnerable or in need during this time – answering the phone, packing food bags and coordinating deliveries. It actually reminds me how lucky I am.

So many people are alone, anxious about the current situation and confused about the guidelines, so to be able to pick up the phone and speak with another human being, just for a chat, brings great comfort. But there is a generation who “don’t want to be a bother” so are unwilling to call for help.

So, it is up to us lucky ones to reach out and call someone. It could be a neighbour or a relative that you’ve not spoken to for ages. Not all of us are qualified carers or medical professionals, but we can be a cheery voice, a willingness to help, a listening ear – one small act of kindness and consideration could make an immense difference to someone’s life – so do it now.

Pandemic? It won’t happen to me!

Well, this time last year I certainly didn’t expect to be here. Even a few months ago my only worry about the future was whether we could afford to go on holiday or not in 2020 – now that problem seems moot. I do not want to belittle this current crisis in any way. Many people are really anxious and worried and there are also those who actually have tested positive for COVID-19, and also those who have already lost someone dear to them to the virus. My daughter lives in London and has just self-isolated on NHS advice as she has developed a cough and, although not displaying any severe symptoms, most likely has the virus. The rest of my family and I (so far) have not really been touched apart from taking heed of the advice from the NHS on social distancing, working from home and trying not to panic at all of the empty supermarket shelves. Every sneeze and snuffle is now analysed and God forbid you cough in public! Yet, there are still people who seem to think that they are invincible.

It reminds me of the story about Muhammed Ali. The story goes that at the height of his fame and success, Ali boarded a plane. As the time came for take-off, the stewards did their usually safety demonstration, followed by their walk down the aisle to check that everyone had their luggage stowed correctly and their seatbelts on. When the steward came to Muhammed Ali’s seat, she politely requested that he put on his seatbelt. Ali looked up at her and said, in his typical style ‘Superman don’t wear no seatbelt!’, to which the steward promptly replied ‘Superman don’t need no aeroplane!’

I guess we all take risks at sometime in our lives. Just take that quick call whilst driving; go across the road on a red light; don’t wear a hard hat on a building site; climb up a wobbly ladder on our own; walk across the road whilst looking at our phone; and so on. There is this stubborn in-built nature that seems to say ‘it won’t happen to me’ – until it does.

I think we all need a reality check. Those that make the decision not to self-isolate, or decide to ‘carry on as normal’ – I would just say THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT YOU! Your actions and decisions do not just affect you – they affect everyone around you. How would you feel if you became infected because you had taken the decision to ‘carry on as normal’ and then you somehow spread that infection to someone close to you and they became seriously ill, or even died? The risk is real. This is an invisible killer and unless we all take it seriously, and follow the NHS and Public Health England advice, it is going to get worse.

Be sensible, follow the advice, look out for each other and, eventually, THIS TOO WILL PASS.

Supermarket Cakes vs Bespoke Cakes

A common frustration in the caking world is when a potential customer questions your prices and comes back with something like “How much? I can buy a cake from the supermarket for £20!”

Pricing is an ongoing battle for me and others in this line of business. However, we are a supportive lot and in some of the forums that I belong to it leads to some very interesting discussions. I was reminded recently of the following:

Supermarket cakes, whilst being perfectly fine and dandy, are cheaper because they are mass produced using ingredients suitable for the factory production and made to last weeks on a shelf. Just check the list of ingredients on the box. They can also look a little tired and worn following their production and transportation, with decorations dropping off in transit.

When you go to a cake designer you are paying for a custom-made product, made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. You are also paying for their skill, training and expertise in the interpretation of your ideas into a work of art. You are paying for their time as a skilled worker – do not expect them to be working at minimum-wage rates.

This is why a small business owner cannot and will not compete with supermarket prices.

So, when you request a 3-tier, chocolate drip, extravaganza with hand-made decorations (check out my galleries here) and a figure of Uncle Fred, in 3 different flavours and fillings, and you want it the day after next, please don’t be surprised when we cannot make it for £20!

What is the difference between Sugar Paste and Gum Paste and what can I use them for?

When I first started decorating cakes my daughter bought me Debbie Brown’s book “Hot Cakes” and then promptly chose which cake she wanted me to make for her 21st birthday. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I finally produced this cake for her (which she loved by the way). I couldn’t understand, however, why I couldn’t quite get it to look like the one in the book! I had made all of the “bottoms” out of sugarpaste which is the same thing that I covered the cake with and I just couldn’t replicate the topper to stand up straight, so had to improvise. Classes and experience have since shown me that using the right materials for your decorations make all the difference!

So, I thought I would share here some of what is out there to use for first time decorators:

Sugarpaste – sometimes referred to as “fondant” is the soft pliable icing use to cover cakes. It can also be used for simple models and decorations, especially if you want them to be edible. Fondant is actually a more liquid sweet icing which is poured over the cake, a la “Fondant Fancies”.

Flower/Gum Paste – this is a harder medium used for creating models and sugar flowers that you want to dry hard. The advantage of using this is that you can roll it really thin and it remains pliable to mould but firmly dries to create some really delicate and lifelike flowers.

Modelling Paste – this is used for creating figures and other smaller modelled items. It is flexible like sugarpaste but gives a smoother finish and will generally hold its shape better. It remains a little pliable and is more durable. As an alternative you can mix a little flower paste and sugarpaste together to create a similar effect.

Pastillage – is a fast-drying paste used for creating structures, such as bird houses, tables or boxes. As the paste dries extremely hard it will keep its shape.

You can buy sugarpaste and flower paste from most major supermarkets. Craft shops such as Hobbycraft also stock modelling paste and some may also stock powder you can make up into Pastillage. I get many of my supplies from Cake Stuff. There are recipes available to make your own – if you would like to try that, contact me and I will send you the details.

One day I would love to recreate the cake as it was originally meant to look – so if you would like a cake like this for a 21st birthday – get in touch! Tel: 07799 651542 or

Take from Debbie Brown’s book – “Hot Cakes”

Let’s do this!

If you’ve read my “About” page you will have seen that I was made redundant in July 2019. I have worked full-time pretty much since I left college back in 1981, apart from a short break to be at home with my growing family. Having been with my employer for over 13 years it was a bit of a shock and something I did not see coming! So, I could do one of 3 things – get another full-time job; take early retirement; or finally get off my backside and start my own business!

As you may have guessed, I’m no spring chicken! Starting a new venture at my age was daunting, but also exciting! I could not have done any of it without the support of my husband, Paul, whose has also appointed himself as Accountant, Critic and Chief Taster! Mr. Monumental (as I like to call him) brings a certain amount of realism to my whacky ideas but also a lot of patience and understanding and he will no doubt feature in many of my future blogs!

The name of the business was coined by my Step-Son, Alex, sometime ago after having one too many slices of my death by chocolate cake! You see, my maiden name is Monument – so it couldn’t really be anything else!

I am looking forward to sharing with you here insights, tips and tricks and just anything really and not necessarily cake related!