So, you are getting married – congratulations! You’ve got the date, booked the venue, decided on a theme, cars, dress, bridesmaids, menu, guest list… shall I go on? Now, I presume because you are looking at this page, you have finally got around to thinking about the cake. Awesome! Here are a few things to think about…

How many people are there going to be at the wedding? You need to consider your reception guests plus anyone coming to a party afterwards. Our cutting and serving guide can help here.

Is the cake going to be served as a dessert or is it something to be offered as a sweet extra? If you really want to be on trend, instead of one tiered cake as a centrepiece, what about a help-yourself dessert table? I can provide 4 or 5 separate flavoured cakes plus some cupcakes and biscuits for the younger guests or even something savoury. It is also easier to provide for those with specific dietary requirements, such as vegan or gluten-free. I will work with your venue and florist to make a really beautiful display.

Is it an indoor or outdoor wedding and what time of the year will it be? This is important as it will determine what ingredients should be used in the cakes. Naked or buttercream covered cakes may look lovely, but will start to wilt if sitting around in the hot sun.

What is the style or theme of the wedding? Vintage, chic, quirky, simple, colourful? All of these can be reflected in the design of the cakes so that they perfectly match your theme.

How would you like your cakes decorated? I can hand-craft intricate sugar flowers to match your bouquet and theme or perhaps you’d like a character topper? Maybe some fresh fruit and edible real flowers? There may be a little in-joke or maybe you want to include family or a favourite pet or sport, or perhaps something that reminds you of a favourite place? Toppers or “dummy” tiers can be added that can be preserved as a permanent reminder of your day.

What flavours would you like? During our consultation I will provide some samples of different flavours, but if you have a particular favourite just let me know. You could have a different flavour on each tier or just one flavour for the whole cake – completely up to you! Check out some suggestions here.

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