I highly recommend that I deliver your cake to your event or address personally. I really want you to get the best out of your order and to ensure that everything is just right, so I prefer to place the cake or set it up “in-situ” so I know that it has been safely delivered and that it looks the best that it can be. Delivery and set-up is free of charge within 10 miles of the Monumental Cake base in Pembury, after that I charge 45p per mile.


I recommend the following precautions are taken when transporting a Monumental cake:

If you are not going to be the person transporting the cake, please ensure that your assigned order recipient or representative is fully aware and informed about your order description, including product care and storage instructions listed in this agreement.

Celebration cakes can be very heavy, especially tiered fondant covered cakes.  Please bear this in mind when transporting the cake.

The cake should be placed on a flat, non-slip surface in the boot of the vehicle and secured so that it does not move around or in a way that other objects can fall onto it.  The cake should not be left in the footwell or carried on a passenger’s lap.

Cakes will be presented in cardboard cake boxes.  Do not stack the cake boxes or place any objects on top of the cake boxes.

Do not leave the cake in the car for any longer than is necessary as the cake is vulnerable to deterioration in high or humid temperatures.

Written instructions for the care, storage and set-up (if applicable) of the cake will be provided. 

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