Cake Storage, Shelf-Life and Allergens

Cakes should be stored in a cool dark place on a flat sturdy surface, in the box provided until required for display or to be eaten.  

Please do NOT store cakes in direct sunlight especially if they have images or logos as this will damage the quality of the cake.

I would advise you not to put fondant covered cakes in the fridge as when they are removed and the cake comes back up to room temperature, the fondant will become sticky to touch and any decorations may wilt. Sponge cake also tends to dry out if kept in the fridge. However, if the cake is filled with fresh cream, then refrigerating is advised.

Sponge – e.g. chocolate and vanilla cake will keep up to one week after delivery if uncut, but will be at their best for 2-3 days after delivery.  Carrot cake should be consumed within 2 days of delivery.  Fruit cakes last perfectly well for several months in an air-tight container.  All cakes are made to order.

Please note that there may be items on your cake which are not edible.  Please ensure that all pillars, dowels, sugar flowers, pins, posy picks, ribbons, candles and any other non-edible items are removed from the cake before cutting and consuming.  Be aware that sugar flowers may contain wires and non-edible stamens and models and flowers may also contain beads or crystals. 

We are not liable nor do we hold any responsibility for illness/injury arising from non-adherence to these guidelines.  If you are not cutting the cake yourself, please pass this information on to the person concerned.

Whilst Monumental Cakes will endeavour to meet any reported dietary requests please be aware that traces of allergens may be present and customers are advised to exercise caution accordingly.

Please note our cakes are made in an environment where nuts and nut products may be used and therefore our cakes may contain traces of nuts and fruit cakes will contain alcohol unless specifically requested otherwise.

Please note our cakes may contain dairy products unless otherwise stated and are made in an environment where milk, eggs and dairy products are used. 

All customers will be provided with a full ingredient listing at point of delivery and it is recommended that the customer ensures this list is made available to consumers.

We do not accept any responsibility for any illness/injury arising from non-adherence to this health and safety information.

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