Cake International Competition? Me? Ooer!

A few months ago on a whim, I entered a competition run by Cake International. CI is a huge exhibition held in London and Birmingham each year at which you can go and see all things cake related, demonstrations by renowned “cakers” and buy even more stuff that you never knew you needed. I wasContinue reading “Cake International Competition? Me? Ooer!”

How do you cope with change?

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Iulia Istrate from Skills for Mars – Transitions. A YouTube video platform in which Iulia has one-to-one chats with people from various different environments but with the one thing in common is that they have experienced great change in their personal and/or business life. In theseContinue reading “How do you cope with change?”

Supermarket Cakes vs Bespoke Cakes

A common frustration in the caking world is when a potential customer questions your prices and comes back with something like “How much? I can buy a cake from the supermarket for £20!” Pricing is an ongoing battle for me and others in this line of business. However, we are a supportive lot and inContinue reading “Supermarket Cakes vs Bespoke Cakes”

What is the difference between Sugar Paste and Gum Paste and what can I use them for?

When I first started decorating cakes my daughter bought me Debbie Brown’s book “Hot Cakes” and then promptly chose which cake she wanted me to make for her 21st birthday. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I finally produced this cake for her (which she loved by the way). I couldn’t understand, however,Continue reading “What is the difference between Sugar Paste and Gum Paste and what can I use them for?”