Why I won’t be making Halloween Cakes

Before I explain, I want to state that I am NOT a party-pooper! I love a good party but Halloween is something that I have taken a decision not to celebrate. This is not an overnight decision, it is one that I made many years ago when I first became a Christian. My children were not taken trick or treating by me, although if they were invited to a Halloween party and wanted to go I would not stand in their way, but would ensure they understood my objections and let them make their own decisions. We do not decorate our house with carved pumpkins or pictures of witches and ghosts, but if young children do knock at our door, I always try and find them a treat – young adults not so much!

It never used to be an issue, but the US habit of celebrating Halloween seems to have taken off big time over here and every high street shop and corner store seem to stock Halloween themed sweets, cakes and dressing up outfits.

Many people would say that it is harmless fun for children, but where exactly do you draw the line? No doubt the television will be full of horror films designed to scare and thrill, but all they do to me is leave me with nightmares and a feeling of depression and dread. Children just see the sweets and parties, but there is a darker side. The search for some sort of spiritual connection with those that have gone before using Ouija boards or mediums, the casting of spells in an attempt to harm others or to control destinies – all of which can cause a lasting mental anguish for those who are vulnerable to such things.

Death is inevitable – but as Christians we believe that Jesus conquered death in His resurrection. Death it is not the end for those that have the promise of life eternal in the love of Jesus. This is not a zombie half-life or a darkness full of fear or despair, but a life of light and peace and love. So that is what I choose to celebrate.

So many apologies to those of you who may be looking for someone to make a great and gory cake for your Halloween party. I wish you well but please ask someone else!

If you’d like to more about this please go to 10 Scary Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Halloween – (biblicaltruths.com)

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