Appearances can be deceptive!

Today, someone knocked on our front door and asked us if we wanted them to pollard our silver birch tree in the front garden. We have been in this house for nearly four years and not done anything with this tree. Whilst it is a lovely looking tree, the small branch shredding and the dropping catkins and leaves have been the bane of my life, along with lots of tiny little bits that seem to constantly find their way into the house on the bottom of people’s shoes. We had been thinking about having it “tidied up” and they had been working in a neighbour’s garden, so we agreed to them going ahead. Five minutes later, another knock on the door and a conversation over the fact that the tree was actually rotten all through the trunk. To cut a long story short, and after lots of discussions, we agreed to the complete removal.

With the tree gone, there is a surprising amount of light coming in that I never realised the tree was blocking. It’s really opened up the front of the house and I no longer have to be fussed about the dust, tree bits and pollen landing on the cars and being traipsed through the house. I must admit that this was a beautiful looking tree, and despite it blooming each year, it’s centre was rotted and the disease spreading on the inside could eventually have caused branches to fall and thus cause some real damage.

It’s so important to look past the outward appearance and see what’s in the heart.

So what’s blocking the light in your life? What can look great and positive on the outside, might, on closer inspection, actually be toxic and damaging. This could be the season to take the plunge and cut out those superficially pretty things that we think we need, but which in reality are holding us back and stopping the true light in our hearts from shining.

1 Samuel 16:7 – “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. A man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

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