How do you cope with change?

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Iulia Istrate from Skills for Mars – Transitions. A YouTube video platform in which Iulia has one-to-one chats with people from various different environments but with the one thing in common is that they have experienced great change in their personal and/or business life. In these videos Iulia invites us to share our experiences with the viewer and (hopefully!) add insights to help anyone who might be going through a period of transition.

It was really fun and sort of cathartic going through some of my history and how I have coped with the many changes in my business career which eventually led me to take the plunge to start up Monumental Cakes as a business.

Why Monumental Cakes? I spent most of my teenage years thoroughly embarrassed by admitting my surname to people, it led to much name calling and hilarity amongst my peers, but now I am loud and proud to have Monument as my maiden name so it only made sense to use Monumental Cakes as the name for my business!

Click on the picture above or the link below to watch my interview on YouTube – subscribe to the channel (it’s free) to get notifications when new videos appear.

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