Reach Out to Someone

So, how are we all doing? Silly question, I know! Some people manage better than others under times of stress and anxiety.

We are fortunate in that we have a reasonably sized garden in which to escape to when all four walls feel like they’re closing in and I have certainly tried to make good use of it during this lovely sunshine. My husband has continued to work (from home), so I don’t see much of him during the day, but I do have his company in the evening. I should be using my time productively during the day to do things like, marketing, updating the website, sorting out cupboards, practising new skills, etc. In reality, it’s been more like playing computer games and watching box-sets with the occasional bit of baking thrown in!

I volunteer at our local church once a week, which is acting as a community hub to coordinate aid to those who are vulnerable or in need during this time – answering the phone, packing food bags and coordinating deliveries. It actually reminds me how lucky I am.

So many people are alone, anxious about the current situation and confused about the guidelines, so to be able to pick up the phone and speak with another human being, just for a chat, brings great comfort. But there is a generation who “don’t want to be a bother” so are unwilling to call for help.

So, it is up to us lucky ones to reach out and call someone. It could be a neighbour or a relative that you’ve not spoken to for ages. Not all of us are qualified carers or medical professionals, but we can be a cheery voice, a willingness to help, a listening ear – one small act of kindness and consideration could make an immense difference to someone’s life – so do it now.

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