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  • Wedding Season Trends

    Wedding season is well underway and I have noticeably more orders for wedding cakes this year than last and already getting enquiries for 2024! I have noticed a trend away […]

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  • Why I won’t be making Halloween Cakes

    Before I explain, I want to state that I am NOT a party-pooper! I love a good party but Halloween is something that I have taken a decision not to […]

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  • Appearances can be deceptive!

    Today, someone knocked on our front door and asked us if we wanted them to pollard our silver birch tree in the front garden. We have been in this house […]

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  • Virtual Wedding Fairs

    I recently had the experience of taking part in a Virtual Wedding Fair organised by White Sky Events. The original Kent Wedding Fair was due to take place at the […]

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  • Another Lockdown?!!

    Oh dear! Boris has spoken and the nation is under another lockdown. Whatever your personal thoughts and feelings about the decision, it has happened and we have to live with […]

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  • Cake International Competition? Me? Ooer!

    A few months ago on a whim, I entered a competition run by Cake International. CI is a huge exhibition held in London and Birmingham each year at which you […]

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